7 Small Changes for Happier Life

According to Happify’s “The Science of Happiness Chart,” only about 10  percent of your happiness is determined by circumstance, while 40  percent is controlled by your own thoughts and behaviors. With that in  mind, Elite Daily has compiled this list of seven small changes you can  make to live a happier life. Here they are:

  • Actually laugh out loud instead of typing "LOL.” How often do you actually let yourself laugh out loud? Probably not as much as you should.
  • Practice gratitude instead of greed. The minute you start to actively acknowledge the little blessings around you, the more you can focus on everything you have. 
  • Show forgiveness instead of disappointment. Practice forgiveness and let go of whatever it is that's keeping you down.
  • Recognize that you’re healthy instead of pointing out what you lack. Sometimes you just need a reminder that as long as your health is in tip-top shape, there's nothing you can't handle.
  • Celebrate little victories, not just big milestones. Things  like waking up with a smile on your face and successfully following a  new recipe are examples of successes that often go unnoticed, but  deserve praise.
  • Say “yes” instead of “no” when opportunities present themselves. Don't  be afraid to say "yes" to new experiences that could lead you to bigger  and better things, because more often than not, saying "no" will hold  you back.
  • Focus on what’s interesting, not what’s boring. Approaching  a conversation with interest will suppress any feelings of judgment you  may have felt if you came into the subject with a closed mind.

Source:  Elite Daily