First Pot Spa to Open in Colorado

A spa with a twist could be the next phase of the marijuana  evolution. Cindy Sovine has filed papers to bring the first marijuana  spa to Denver. Mile High City is right! She plans on opening the Utopia  All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge in a historic mansion. If all goes  well, it’ll be right down the road from the state capitol. 

She envisions massages using oils infused with THC or CBD strains,  “ganja yoga” sessions and even a communal lounge where weed lovers can  smoke up. 

It isn’t her love of recreational use that inspired the idea, it was  her father battling lymphatic cancer and using medical marijuana that  did. And Sovine knows a little about that stuff because she was a  lobbyist for the healthcare industry. While the spa will target medical  pot use, recreational users will be welcome. 

If all goes well, the city should approve her in time for a June 1 opening. 

Source: Moneyish