Bichon Frise Wins Westminster Dog Show

Flynn the Bichon Frise won the title of Best in Show at the 142nd annual  Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York's Madison Square Garden on  Tuesday. The 5-year-old furball beat out 2,882 competitors and more  than 200 breeds. Flynn is the first Bichon Frise to be named Best in  Show since 2001. 

Following his win, handler Bill McFadden quipped, "I'm  pretty sure I can drop the mic and say he's retired." Ty the Giant  Schnauzer was named the runner-up in the competition.  The star of the  show, however, was arguably Bean the Sussex Spaniel. The 6-year-old  canine won everyone's heart when he took a break from strutting his  stuff to sit down, lift his paws in the air and beg for a treat. The  impromptu trick elicited laughter and cheers from the crowd.

Source:  Forbes