Nightime Routines to Make Mornings Easier

Nobody really likes getting up in the morning and facing another  stressful day of work and family and more. While each new day may seem  like a chore, especially first thing in the morning, there are a few  things you can be doing the night before that will make your new day go  just a little easier.

Nighttime habits that will make your mornings easier include: 

  • Fill the coffee maker  –Most people don’t function  until they have their first cup of coffee, but who’s awake enough to  take the steps to get a pot brewing first thing in the morning. If you  do it the night before all you need to do is flip the switch and you’ll  have that first cup of Joe in no time.  
  • Empty the dishwasher – If your dishwasher’s still  full in the morning, you’ll leave dirty breakfast dishes in the sink and  then you have to come home and do dirty dishes after a long day of  work.
  • Take the chicken out of the freezer – Okay, it  doesn’t have to be chicken, but it’s smart to start defrosting whatever  you plan to cook the next night for dinner so the item will have plenty  of time to do it safely. Plus, make a list of what else you might need  so you are ready to cook when you get home. 
  • Clean up crumbs and spills – These little cleaning steps will keep you from having to do a massive cleanup later. 
  • Prep for breakfast – Just like the coffee, get  everything you’ll need for breakfast ready so you won’t have to think  about it in the morning. For example, you can put your smoothie items  together or get your oats ready the night before.
  • Rinse out your water bottle – Clean and scrub your water bottle to get rid of all those nasty germs. This way you just have to fill it and go in the AM. 
  • Make a “Go Tray” – Put all the items you need to  get out of the house, like your keys, phone, and bag, in one designated  place so you’re not spending the morning searching for anything. 

Source: Food Network