Get Ready for Pink Lettuce

Millennial pink is all the rage and now you can find it in a salad.  Pink radicchio is a pink relative of the green leafy lettuce and it’s  certainly Instagram friendly. It’s typically grown in Italy and parts of  California, Pennsylvania, and Washington. It can also be referred to as  Radicchio del Veneto and La Rosa del Vento.

Chris Field, a farmer at Campo Rosso Farm, says the  radicchio is “pretty mild and has a subtle bitterness to it.” It’s  already proved pretty popular among grocery stores and many New York  restaurants including Whole Foods, Eataly, and King.

Radicchio is super pretty to look at and Field says that just may be  enough to entice someone. “It’s definitely a variety that’s selected for  how pretty it is,” he offers. “Some of the other varieties taste a lot  better, but it’s just striking how beautiful it is.”

 Source: NY Pos