Popular European Dating App Debuts in America

Americans now have a new way of finding that perfect someone. While  there are tons of different dating apps out there, one that’s been a hit  in Europe for the past four years finally launched in the U.S.  yesterday.

The app is called Once, and it’s known as the “slow dating” app  because it values quality over quantity. Instead of getting bombarded by  so-called matches, it actually only matches users with one person a  day. And while this may drag out the process a bit, it sounds like a lot  of people may be all for it, since a survey by the app finds 40% of  singles are suffering from “swipe fatigue.”

What makes the app even more appealing, especially to women, is that  it allows them to rate their dates, using a system similar to Uber and  Lyft. Gals are able to share reviews on all sorts of things like their  actual dates, the accuracy of a users'  profile picture and even  conversations, which is then available to other Once users. 

While this may seem extreme, a survey by the app reveals why exactly  it’s necessary for women to have as much info about a date as possible.  The poll finds that 80% of women don’t like dating apps because they’ve  dealt with inappropriate behavior in the past, like being propositioned  for sex, or being made to feel unsafe. What’s more, 51% say they   were worried about their safety when meeting with someone from a dating  app, while 82% say they would feel better using an app that rates  users. 

Source: IT Briefing