Man Passes Out Wakes Up to $1,635 Uber Bill

Last Friday, Kenny Bachman got blackout drunk in Morgantown, West  Virginia, and smartly called an Uber to get him back home. But instead  of taking Bachman back to the friend’s place at which he was staying in  town, the Uber driver took him all the way back to his permanent  residence in Gloucester County, New Jersey, some 300 miles away.  The bill $1635.

Bachman  didn’t correct the driver because he passed out almost immediately, and  is now disputing the charge since he denies instructing the driver to  transport him across state lines. "I just woke up," Bachman told NJ  Advance Media, "and I'm thinking, 'Why the f**k am I in the car next to  some random-a** dude I don't even know?'" To make matters worse, Bachman  inadvertently ordered an Uber XL SUV instead of a normal sedan, which  effectively doubled his fare.