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Most Popular Plastic Surgeries

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While some people would never ever consider going under the knife for  anything but a medical emergency, we know all too well that there are  many people who have no problem with a little nip and tuck for cosmetic  reasons. As for what everyone’s getting done, well, the American Society  of Plastic Surgeons has come out with their annual list of the most  popular plastic surgery procedures, and it seems there's a good reason  why so many women out there appear to have perfect breasts.

The report reveals that in 2017 doctors in the U.S. performed nearly  1.8-million cosmetic procedures and about 15.7-million minimally  invasive ones, which comes out to in total about 17.5 million  procedures.

As for the most popular cosmetic procedure, no surprise that breast  augmentation tops the list again this year with 300,378 procedures done,  while Botox is the most popular minimally invasive procedure with  7.23-million done last year.

The Top Five Surgical Procedures 

  1. Breast augmentation (300,378 procedures)
  2. Liposuction (246,354 procedures,)
  3. Nose reshaping (218,924 procedures)
  4. Eyelid surgery (209,571 procedures)
  5. Tummy tuck (129,753 procedures)

The Top Five Minimally Invasive Procedures 

  1. Botulinum Toxin Type A (7.23 million procedures)
  2. Soft Tissue Fillers (2.69 million procedures)
  3. Chemical Peel (1.37 million procedures)
  4. Laser hair removal (1.1 million procedures)
  5. Microdermabrasion (740,287 procedures) 

Source: USA Today

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