NY Times Journalist Argues Voting Age Should be Lowered to 16?

With several young Parkland (Fla.) school shooting survivors calling for  heightened gun regulations, Laurence Steinberg argues in a New York Times  op-ed that the U.S. should lower its voting age from 18 to 16. “Studies  of cold cognition have shown that the skills necessary to make informed  decisions are firmly in place by 16,” he writes, refuting the notion  that teenagers are “notoriously impulsive and hotheaded.” He goes on to  explain, “By that age, adolescents can gather and process information,  weigh pros and cons, reason logically with facts, and take time before  making a decision. Teenagers may sometimes make bad choices, but  statistically speaking, they do not make them any more often than adults  do.”

Source:  New York Times