Things That Cost Less in March

Spring is almost here and in addition to being a good time to clean,  March is also a great month for saving on supplies you need to tackle  those projects around the house. According to Consumer Reports, these are the products you can find at a steep discount this month.

  • Countertops - This is the time of year to score  discounts on countertops, so if you’re remodeling a kitchen, bathroom,  or laundry room, this is the time to save.
  • Digital cameras - With new models hitting stores  this time of year, March is a good time to save on last year’s model, as  long as you don’t mind not having the latest camera.
  • Space heaters - Turns out, these are some of the  best spring buys around. Of course, you probably won’t need it much now,  but you can save big on a powerful space heater for next year. Consumer  Reports says as the temperature rises, the prices on heaters falls, so  buy now before it’s cold again next year and they hike prices again.
  • Floors - Spring is a great time to do those updates  around the house. Replacing your flooring isn’t a small project but if  you’re taking it on, March is the time to save with sales on flooring.
  • Boxed Chocolates - Treat yourself to some  high-quality chocolates this month, because prices drop between  Valentine’s Day and Easter, so you can even go gourmet.

Source: Real Simple