Nacho Fries Taco Bell's Most Successful New Menu Item

Taco Bell  announced Tuesday that its limited-time Nacho Fries have become the  company's most successful new menu item. Since their launch on January  25, Taco Bell has sold more than 53 million orders of the fries, which  are coated with a "bold Mexican seasoning" and served with nacho cheese  sauce for dipping. The chain tells NRN that they’re seeing the  fries--which are $1, or just 49 cents when tacked on to another menu  item--included in one out of every three orders. Due to their  popularity, the limited-time item will stay on the menu at least through  early April. Prior to the launch of Nacho Fries launch, Taco Bell's  most successful new food was its Doritos Loco Tacos.  

Source:  Nations Restaurant News