Police Seize Black Bear from Owner Who Originally Confused it with Dog

Police in China recently seized an Asian black bear from a man who  decided to raise the wild animal after first confusing it for a dog.  Acting on a neighbor’s tip, police visited the man's home in the Yunnan  province and found the 176-pound bear being kept in a cage. UPI reports  that the man, identified only by the surname Yang, told investigators he  found what he thought was a puppy while foraging for mushrooms in April  2015 and only realized it wasn't a dog when it grew large. 

Asian black  bears are considered a protected species in China and those found to be  keeping them without forest authority approval can face fines of up to  $475. Yang was not fined because the bear appeared be in good health and  the man cooperated with the investigation. The bear is now in the custody of an animal welfare center.

Source:  UPI