Sheriff Uses Inmate Food Funds to Buy Beach House

What the Hell

What the Hell

A Sheriff in Alabama has used the inmate food fund to help him  purchase a lavish new beach home… and it was totally legal. Sheriff Todd Entrekin  says he was just following a law that predates World War II. It states  that sheriffs are allowed to keep excess inmate-feeding funds for  themselves. This means the extra funds were up for Todd’s taking.

He normally only rakes in $93,000 annually, but with the help of the  food funds, he and his wife were able to snag a four bedroom home with  an in-ground pool on a canal for $740,000. He’s reportedly received more  than $750,000 in additional compensation form the food fund over the  last three years.

As for the inmates, don’t worry they’re still fed well. “We utilize a  registered dietitian to ensure adequate meals are provided daily,"  Entrekin explains. Though his move does raise some ethical concerns in  the state. Police Chief Jonathan Horton is currently  running opposite Entrekin in the election for sheriff. He argues that  the sheriff shouldn’t get to keep any inmate feeding funds. "I believe  the funds belong to the taxpayers and any excess funds should go toward  things that benefit the taxpayer," says Horton. "There's been a  tremendous amount of money left over that shouldn't be used as a bonus  check."