Noosa Yogurt Wants to Send You on a Flavor Trek

Getty Images

Getty Images

Noosa yogurt is known for their unique flavors like pear and cardamom and raspberry habanero and the company’s founder, Koel Thomae,  comes up with them on what she calls flavor treks. They’re basically  little trips around the world to find new and different ingredients and  tastes and now she wants us to go on them, too.

Wanna be a Flavor Finder? Noosa just started a contest to  find five new ones and they’ll get to take a flavor trek on the yogurt  company’s dime. Each of the five will get a $2,000 stipend for travel  and they’ll also get a free trip to Colorado, where Noosa’s farm  headquarters are.

Sound like fun? Apply via Twitter, Instagram, or Noosa's site.  You’ll just need to upload an original food photo that represents your  dream yogurt flavor and give a caption describing your inspiration. A  panel of employee judges will pick four winners and Noosa superfans will  vote on the fifth. You’ve got until Friday, April 20, so good luck  future Flavor Finders.

Source: Delish