Students Save Dog from Train Tracks & Reunite with Owner

Getty Images

Getty Images

While a group of Indiana  University students were visiting a dog park in Bloomington on Easter  with their Siberian Husky puppy, Zara, when she led them to some train  tracks. There they found another Siberian Husky in the middle of the  tracks whimpering.

The dog couldn’t walk, so the friends  worked together to move her with a car floor mat and they got her off  the tracks just before a train came around the corner. They took her to  the vet and learned she has a broken pelvis, that her name is Elsie and  they located her owner, who says she had recently gone missing.

“I am very grateful that they found her," says Randy Fluke. "If they hadn't of got there, she would have been gone because that train would have come through no matter what.”

Source: Fox 59