Dunkin Donuts Unveils Donut Fries

Getty Images

Getty Images

Dunkin’ Donuts has been cutting down on its pastry flavors, but  they’re still adding newbies to entice us in. Starting with “Donut  Fries” - which are basically deep-fried doughnut sticks coated in sugar.  They come in a bag of five per order and they had us at deep fried.

The chain has also been quietly testing a snack menu in the Boston  area with $2 items like pretzel bites and a waffle-breaded chicken  tender. Outside Boston, they chain is now running a sandwich deal,  Dunkin’ Go2s, with double breakfast sandwich deals for between $2 and $5  and they’re starting a contest to promote it on April 9 where you can  win a gift card.

So when can the rest of the country get their hands on those donut  fries? A rep for Dunkin’ says, "The test is designed to gather valuable  feedback from consumers, franchisees and their employees to help inform  future decisions about a possible national rollout." So we have no idea,  but hopefully soon.

Source: Today