China to Unleash Chicken Army

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Getty Images

China has announced plans to unleash an army of chickens to combat  its locust problem this summer. The northern region of Xinjiang [[SHIN-jang]] is gearing up for what’s expected to be its worst summer yet with the critters given their warmer winter.

You see, locusts typically feed off of crops and other vegetation. According to Yang Zong,  an official with the local animal husbandry bureau, around 2,200  chickens are preparing for feeding time. About 2.8-million acres of  grassland are expected to get hit with the locusts.

Yang points out that “use of pesticides pollutes the environment,”  therefore they’re using the chickens. Herdsmen have been given the birds  ahead of the outbreak so they can adapt to the environment. One chicken  is reportedly able to eat at least 600 locusts in a day, but they won’t  do it alone. The nation is bringing in the reinforcements, aka ducks  and other birds, to help the chickens out. 

  • The down side? The chickens will only be able to guard one percent of the grasslands that need protection.

Source: Bloomberg