Number of Kids Under 6 Who Own Smartphones

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These days it isn’t uncommon for parents to shove an electronic  device in their kids’ faces to keep them quiet during a meal or while  running an errand, but believe it or not, there’s a good chance that  phone the kid’s using doesn’t actually belong to their parents.

A new survey by musicMagpie finds that about 25% of children six and under actually own their own mobile device,  which represents a 300% increase year-over-year in people buying phones  for their kids. This number is huge, considering most parents believe  11 is the “ideal” age for kids to get their first smartphone.

As for why parents are buying their kids their own tech, a third say  their kid simply asked for it, while 20% did it to keep them  entertained.

And while it’s smart for parents to keep limits on how long their  kids use their tech, that doesn’t really seem to be happening. The truth  is, 80% of parents say they don’t limit the time their kids are on  their smartphones, with half of kids six and under spending as much as  21 hours per week on their devices.

Source: Study Finds

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