Jeggings Made from Recycled Water Bottles

You recycle, carry a reusable water bottle, and bring cloth bags to  the grocery store, so you’re living pretty green already, but now you  can show your love for the planet with your fashion choices, too.  Designers are creating clothes out of recycled materials and now you can  snag a pair of trendy cropped jeans that are made from trash and  they’re available at Walmart, of all places.

The Time and Tru High-rise Skinny Jeggings  are made of a recycled fabric called Repreve, which is created by  breaking down plastic water bottles and blending them cotton. The result  is a smooth fabric with a denim-like finish. So they look good and  they’re environmentally friendly.

These jeans come in various colors and washes, including white and  pink. And unlike some eco-friendly apparel out there, these are actually  affordable at just under $17. If you’re more of a boot cut or skinny  jeans girl, Time and Tru is coming out with those in July.

Source: Real Simple