Man Arrested for Karate Kicking Swans

What the Hell

Wash car, paint fence...kick swan? A guy in Florida apparently thinks  that animal cruelty is a great way to practice karate after he was  arrested in Orlando Thursday for attacking some aquatic birds. The Tampa Bay Times  reports that 34-year-old Rocco Joseph Mantella of Jacksonville is  accused of kicking swans at an Orlando park, which he claimed he was  doing as "karate practice." 

One witness reportedly said Mantella kicked  two swans in the head, kicked a third on its backside "as hard as  possible" and also kicked a small duck that seemed to be asleep. Two  other witnesses claim Mantella laughed when he saw them watching him  attack the birds. He now faces a charge of cruelty to animals and is  being held in an Orange County jail in lieu of $1,000 bail.




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