Adopted Dog Saves Family from House Fire

Chrome the dog was adopted by Laura Smith and her two young sons last November and now he’s become the family’s hero. While they were all asleep recently, the pup woke Smith  up and stayed with her until she realized their house was on fire, then  he ran down the hall to get the boys and helped mom and kids get out  safely.

The fire was big and the family lost  their entire home and most of their possessions because it took  firefighters 11 minutes to arrive to their Bastrop County, Texas home,  far from the fire station. “Without Chrome, I think there would be no us  today,” Smith says."He's definitely my hero right there, he's a good dog."

The family is staying in housing  provided by a local church and the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, where  Chrome was adopted, is helping them out, too. They’ve raised $1,000 to  help get the Smiths back on their feet and brought Chrome dog food, treats, and a certificate for his “heroic acts of bravery and love.”

Source: KXAN