New Pet Restrictions for United Airlines

Planning to travel with your pets on United Airlines? The company has issued a new pet travel policy after a highly publicized death of a dog back in March - they also "lost" a couple of animals.  Among the new directives? A number of breeds are banned – and if you’re  looking to fly with your cat or dog – be prepared for them to end up in  the cargo hold.

In addition, United will no longer transport more than 20 dog breeds  and four breeds of cats in its cargo holds "out of concern for higher  adverse health risks." They include: Boston terriers, boxers, pugs, and  Persian cats.

Now, those animals will reportedly be allowed in the main cabin if their carrying cases fit under the seat.  But you should also pay special attention to “hot weather cities.”  United says they will no longer allow people to transport pets to or  from Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs during the summer  months because of the heat. The new restrictions go into effect on June  18th.

Source: CNBC