Royal Wedding Guests Advised to Pack Picnic Lunch

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Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are involving the public in their  upcoming nuptials by inviting 1,200 people--including inner-city youth  workers and community leaders--to the grounds of Windsor  Castle. 

However, it appears their hospitality will only go so far:  Representatives for the royal family, which has an estimated net worth  of more than $500 million, have sent letters to the guests encouraging  them "to bring a picnic lunch as it will not be possible to buy food and  drink on site." The Guardian reports that guests are baffled and  amused that they have to bring their own food to an event hosted by  such wealthy people. 

One invitee described it as "unfathomable" and says  he has been researching nearby places he can grab food, but has only  found a grocery store and a McDonald's so far. "I’m not sure I’ll be  able to bring in a filet meal," he noted. 

Source:  The Guardian