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The royal wedding is almost here. Next Saturday, Prince Harry and  Meghan Markle are getting married and once she officially becomes a  duchess, she’ll be expected to follow all kinds of rules for the royal  family, like these.

  • No more shellfish - Members of the royal family are  advised against eating lobster, oysters, shrimp and other shellfish  because of the high chance of getting food poisoning. The BBC reports that “rare meat, foreign water, and any food that’s too spicy or exotic” are also on the no-no list.
  • No Monopoly - Prince Andrew revealed that the royal family isn’t allowed to play the popular board game at home because “it gets too vicious.”
  • Only demure clothing - Dresses below the knee, and  no cleavage for royals. And there’s a rule about wearing stockings that  Meghan hasn’t always followed so far, but that could change when she  officially becomes a Duchess.
  • No public displays of affection - You don’t see royals holding hands or kissing.
  • No social media, selfies or autographs- Markle was  once active on Instagram and had a blog, but her social media updates  will now be shared through the family’s joint Instagram @kensingtonroyal.
  • Meghan must always walk behind Prince William and Duchess Catherine  - For public occasions, the royal family walks in order of who’s next  in line for the throne. So, Will and Kate walk behind Prince Charles and  Meghan and Harry behind them.
  • Royals must always pack a spare black outfit when travelling -  Just in case there’s a death of a prominent figure or world leader, the  royal family has to be prepared to dress appropriately.
  • No more acting or side projects either - With all  the royal engagements she’ll make once she’s a duchess, Meghan won’t  really have time for acting (no biggie – she already said she was happy  to give it up), and she’ll no longer be affiliated with World Vision  Canada or her work with the United Nations (though she’ll surely be  involved in a host of other charitable activities).

Source: MamaMia