Woman Discovers Puppy is a Fox

They do say that dogs and foxes are relatives, but how did this one  go unnoticed? A woman in China had purchased what she believed was a  Japanese Spitz, but as it grew she learned that it was actually a  domesticated fox. The woman, identified as Ms. Wang, bought the dog from a pet shop for $190 in China, but eventually noticed weird behaviors.

For starters, her three-month-old pooch had no bark. At one point it  even refused to eat dog food, but if that wasn’t enough the physical  signs started to catch up with it. Ms. Wang says, "The fur got thicker  when it reached three months old. Its face became pointy and its tail  grew longer than that of a normal dog.” She notes that around the same  time she noticed other dogs seemed to be scared of hers, too. She  eventually took her pet to see expert, Sun Letian at the Taiyuan Zoo.

"Based on the size, it is a domesticated fox,” says Letian. “It  carries a smell in their body and the smell can get stronger as it grows  older.” And as it grows older it will get bigger, and it’s already  12-inches long.

Unfortunately after learning her dog was a fox, Ms. Wang gave her pet  up to the zoo so it could have a better diet and living environment. It  will be placed under quarantine for a month before being put in a zoo  enclosure.

Source: The Mirror