Man Wants to Mow Lawns in All 50 States

Rodney Smith  says he’s on a journey called “50 States, 50 Lawns,” and it’s exactly  what it sounds like. The Alabama man plans to travel to each and every  state and mow a yard, but not just any yard. He plans to help out  someone in need, someone who’s elderly, disabled, a veteran or a single  mom.

So far, Smith has done yardwork in  four states and he admits that he didn’t like to cut grass as a kid, but  after helping an elderly man he saw struggling to finish mowing his  yard, his perspective changed. It inspired Smith to start the Raising Men Lawn Care Servicewhich cuts lawns for needy folks at no charge.

The service aims to encourage young  people to pitch in an help neighbors in need. His goal is to get the  kids involved to mow 50 yards for others and he’s setting a great  example with his 50 states mission.

Source: AJC