Miss America Pageant Axes Swimsuit Competition

Getty Images

Getty Images

On Tuesday, the Miss America organization's new chairwoman (and former FOX News talking head) Gretchen Carlson announced on Good Morning America  that the swimsuit portion of the annual contest is being scrapped and  that contestants will no longer be judged on physical attributes. "We  are no longer a pageant; we are a competition. 

We will no longer judge  our candidates on their outward physical appearance," said Carlson, a  former Miss America winner. "That means we will no longer have a  swimsuit competition." She added that other looks-based aspects of the  contest will likewise be axed. 

"We're no longer judging women when they  come out in their chosen attire--their evening wear, whatever they  choose to do," she explained. "It's gonna be what comes out of their  mouth that we're interested in, when they talk about their social-impact  initiatives." Carlson took over the organization after a scandal  uncovered sexist emails sent between executives about the contestants.

Source:  USA Today