Patron Shot by Dancing FBI Agent Gets Free Drinks for Life

Shortly after midnight on Saturday at a Denver (Colo.) sports bar, an  off-duty FBI agent was whooping it up when he decided to show off his  dance moves. After executing a back flip, however, his gun flew out of  its holster and fell to the floor. As he went to pick it up, it fired,  wounding another patron. 

Thankfully, the victim suffered no serious  injuries--but he might suffer hangovers for eternity after the sports  bar decided to hook him up with with free drinks for life. "The whole  team at Mile High Spirits is praying for the victim’s quick recovery,  and he’s welcome at Mile High Spirits to enjoy complimentary drinks  forever," the venue said this week in a statement. Then again, the  victim may have already had enough "shots" at Mile High to last him a  lifetime.

Source:  KDVR