Best OTC Health Products for 2018

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When you head to the drugstore for health items, how do you know  you’re buying the best product out there? Well, you could do a lot of  research, or you could just check out “U.S. News & World Report’s”  just-released list of the 2018 Top Recommended Health Products.

The list, made in conjunction with “Pharmacy Times,” was compiled  based on recommendations of thousands of pharmacists for more than 1,100  over-the-counter brands, representing over 154 product categories. 

This year's top products include: 

  • Sunscreen: Neutrogena
  • Sun Burn Relief: Solarcaine
  • Headache: Advil
  • Antihistamines (Allergy): Claritin
  • Children's Allergy: Children's Zyrtec Allergy Syrup
  • Children's Pain Relief: Children's Tylenol
  • Cough Suppressant: Delsym
  • Acid Reducer: Prilosec OTC
  • First Aid, Adhesive Bandages: Band-Aid
  • First Aid, Topical Antibiotic: Neosporin
  • Toothpaste: Crest
  • Mouthwash/Rinse: Listerine
  • Immune Support: Emergen-C
  • Topical Cough Suppressant, Lozenge: Cepacol
  • Teething Products: Orajel Instant Relief
  • Acne Products: Differin Gel
  • Athlete's Foot/Antifungal Products: Lamisil
  • Dandruff Shampoo: Head & Shoulders

Click here for the complete list.

Source: U.S. News & World Report