People Could Live in 3D Printed Homes by Next Year

The Dutch city of Eindhoven is looking into ways that humans can live  in 3D printed homes by next year. The city is calling it “Project  Milestone” and it seeks to create five homes built using a 3D printing  technique with cement and one giant robot. Of course, not everything  will be made via 3D printing - only the interior and exterior walls will  be. The rest of the home like furnishings, trim and fittings will all  be built as normal. 

How's it work? The robot will create the home using a form of  concrete, which has the same consistency as whipped cream until it  hardens. The giant robotic arm then disperses the concrete through a  nozzle. For now the walls will be built off-site and assembled in place,  but Project Milestone is hoping to have the robots doing all the work  on-site in the future.

  • Think it's crazy? They're already trying  it out in Houston. And full blown communities are expected to pop up  here in the states within the next year. 

Source: BGR