Smirnoff Will Pay You Not to Work July 5th and 6th

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This year, the fourth of July falls  on a Wednesday, which means it’s a little more challenging to turn the  holiday into a vacation week. Some will take the two days off prior to  the fourth and others may go for the Thursday and Friday afterwards to  make a super long post Independence Day weekend. And now Smirnoff has  another solution for 100 lucky winners.

The vodka brand will pay people to  take off July 5th and 6th so they can really enjoy their fourth of July  holiday. Smirnoff is running a contest where you enter by commenting on  their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram contest post, telling them where  you’d rather be than heading back to the office. Winners are randomly  selected and each one gets $500!

"I think we can all agree that Wednesday isn’t enough time to celebrate America’s birthday," Smirnoff Ice Brand Director Krista Kiisk says  about the contest. "Who wants to head back to work and do work things  when you could be on a beach, on a boat or on a mountain celebrating the  good ole US of A?"

The contest went live yesterday  (Sunday, June 24th) and is open through July 1st. Winners have to be 21,  naturally, and you’ll still have to clear the time off with your boss,  but Smirnoff is there to cover you in case you can’t get paid time off.

Source: Delish