Airlines Offering the Best Snacks

The days of getting a full meal on a domestic economy flight are long  gone. In fact, in some cases, folks are lucky if they get a bag of  pretzels and a beverage, even on cross country flights. But  some airlines do a better job of providing snacks for their passengers,  and now someone has actually ranked carriers based on what they provide.

Mashable has just come out with their list of the best airlines based  on their in-flight snacks and beverage service, specifically looking at  domestic/North American flights in economy class and Hawaiian Airlines  tops the list.

The airline gets high marks mostly because they are the only domestic  carrier to offer a complimentary alcoholic beverage, a Koloa Breeze Rum  Punch, in their main cabin. They also offer snacks like macadamia nut  chocolate from Hawaiian Host, and cookies from Honolulu Cookie Company  on some flights. They even serve complimentary meals on transpacific  flights.

Airlines Ranked Based on Their Snack Service

  1. Hawaiian Airlines
  2. JetBlue – They get props for their snack zone, where passengers can pick up an extra snack at anytime during a flight.
  3. American Airlines – Folks are particular fans of their stroopwafel: two thin waffle cookies with a caramel sauce in between.
  4. Delta Airlines – They get high marks for their Bischoff cookie.
  5. United Airlines – They lost points for getting rid of the stroopwafel.
  6. Alaska Airlines – Starbucks coffee and free peanuts and pretzels.
  7. Southwest – Free peanuts and pretzels.
  8. Frontier – You get nada.
  9. Spirit – Also no free snacks or drinks.
  10. Allegiant – They also don’t offer free snacks or drinks.

Source: Mashable