Small Ways to Pamper Yourself

Bouquet of flowers

Women tend to take care of everyone else and sometime don’t even make  time to do the same for themselves. So if you tend to short-change  yourself and put your needs last, you deserve some self-care. And that  doesn’t have to mean taking a vacation or a trip to the spa, these are  small, affordable ways to pamper yourself and you totally deserve it.

  • Buy yourself flowers - You don’t have to wait for  your birthday or your anniversary to get some fresh bloom in your home,  treat yo’ self. You really can have nice things.
  • Take a day off in the middle of the week, for no reason  - Why save all your paid time off for a vacation when you could take a  random day off and do anything you want to with it? Have lunch with a  friend, get a manicure, visit a museum, see a movie, or just get stuff  done around the house. It’s your day and you can do anything you want  with it.
  • Splurge on the quality option - Sure, organic  blueberries cost $2 more, but if that upgrade makes you feel better, go  for it. Spending a little extra to satisfy yourself is totally worth it,  especially if your default option is always the cheapest.
  • Take five for you - Give yourself five extra  minutes in your morning routine to do something to start your day off on  a positive note. Maybe you’d enjoy a few minutes to stretch with some  yoga poses, or to read the headlines with a few sips of coffee before  rushing out the door, or just have a buffer so you don’t feel so frantic  when you’re getting ready, make it happen for yourself because you’re  worth it.

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