Hong Kong Most Expensive City in the World

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Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world for expatriates  to live, according to Mercer's annual cost of living report. Tokyo and  Zurich come in second and third, respectively. Six of the cities in the  top 10 are in Asia. Meanwhile, the highest ranking U.S. cities are NYC  (#13), San Francisco (#28) and Los Angeles (#35). The report also  reveals that London is the most expensive city to see a movie, Seoul is  the most expensive place to buy a cup of coffee and Moscow is the  priciest place to purchase a pair of blue jeans. 

Most Expensive Cities for Working Abroad

  1. Hong Kong (China) 
  2. Tokyo (Japan) 
  3. Zurich (Switzerland) 
  4. Singapore 
  5. Seoul (South Korea) 
  6. Luanda (Angola) 
  7. Shanghai (China) 
  8. N'Djamena (Chad) 
  9. Beijing (China) 
  10. Bern (Switzerland)

Source:  UPI