Pilot Accidentally Uses Hijacking Code - Officers Storm Plane

Accidental Hijacking Code Sent From JetBlue Flight At JFK Sparks Massive  Response - A mistaken report of a hijacking prompted police to swarm a  departing JetBlue flight out of New York's JFK Airport.It  happened as Flight 1623 was positioning for takeoff to Los Angeles  around 7:30 p.m yesterday. 

The JetBlue pilot had intended to report a  problem with the plane's radio equipment, but instead wound up using a  code for hijacking. This five minutes after the tower lost communication  with the plane.A group of heavily-armed Port Authority police  officers stormed into the plane and evacuated everyone safely. 

The  pilot, at one point, held up a piece of paper with his phone number on  it so they could call and hear him explain what happened. The FAA is  investigating.

Source: New York Daily News