To Increase Odds of Finding Lost Phone Do This

It’s no secret that these days most people are addicted to their  phones. So, as you can imagine, losing your phone is probably pretty  heartbreaking for people, and it turns out summer is a particularly bad  time for folks and their phones.

According to a new report by tech company Asurion, summer months see  more than a 50% jump in smartphone loss and theft, but it turns out  there’s one thing we could all be doing that may increase our chances of  getting that lost phone back.

Asurion purposefully “lost” smartphones in three major cities and  found that phones that were locked, but featured a person’s contact  information on the lock screen, were three times more likely to be  returned to their owners than those without contact info. Unfortunately,  not a lot of folks do it, with only 25% of people putting their contact  info on the lock screen.

So, how do you put your contact info on your lock screen? Well, all  you have to do is add your info to any photo, and Asurion suggests the  easiest way to do it is to take an Instagram Story using a photo of your  choosing, add your info, and then download the image and make it your  lock screen. 

  • ONE MORE THING! The company also suggests  enabling your phone’s “Find My Phone” feature, which many people think  is automatically activated, but it’s not. For iPhone, all you need to do  is go into your settings, and for Android, you need to download the  Google app Find My Device.

Source: Business Insider