Scratch & Sniff Wine

While some people will just drink any wine that is put in front of  them, there are plenty of people who can be spotted sniffing their vino  before they drink it to make themselves look like real wine  connoisseurs. Well, now one wine is letting folks smell their drink  before they even open the bottle, which may result in some strange  behavior in the liquor store. 

Cocomero wine has just introduced a new scratch and sniff label on  their new watermelon rose. The vino’s label actually smells like  watermelons, which is good because the wine also tastes like the summer  fruit, along with hints of honeysuckle and rhubarb.

Even better news? The wine isn’t that pricey. Bottles cost about $15 each, and can be shipped for free if you buy four bottles.

Source: Elite Daily