Alexa Can Help You Prepare For Job Interview

Between not knowing the questions they’re going to ask, not knowing the answers that will get you the job, and just being plain nervous, interviews are some of the most terrifying things we have to navigate out in our 20s. You can get your friends to ask you all of the typical interview questions (and Google can be a big help in figuring out what those are), but there’s another way to shamelessly practice your self-marketing skills.

Alexa’s got a special feature. Okay, she’s got a few. But one of the most useful is Interview Prep. It’s a service that allows you to specify the kind of job you’re interviewing for as well as your line of work. Alexa won’t tell you if you got the job or not, but she’ll make preparing for the questions you might get a little easier. And if you want to take it a step further, you can ask her for the typical questions asked at big companies like Google and Amazon.

Your best bet is probably to do a combination of Alexa and friends. Have Alexa ask the questions, and make your friends judge your answers. And the BEST way to practice for interviews? Going to interviews. Sure, it means you might not get the first or second job you interview for. But the experience will beef up your skills!