Woman Attempting to Take Selfie Attacked By Jaguar At Arizona Zoo

A woman is recovering after being attacked by a jaguar at an Arizona zoo over the weekend. How'd it happen? She was trying to get "the perfect selfie."

The unnamed 30-year-old woman was apparently attacked while trying to take a selfie near the jaguar enclosure at the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona when the big cat reached out and grabbed her arm. According to zoo officials, the woman crossed over a barrier in order to get the photo. 

How'd she get away? Another woman distracted the jaguar with a water bottle. In the end, our selfie taker suffered a nasty arm laceration and was taken to the hospital, but was later released. The jaguar was back in its enclosure and because the human is who made the "error," the animal won't be put down. Officials say they'll be deciding whether or not more barriers need to be put in place. 

Source: AZFamily