Dancing Camel Spotted on Florida Expressway

A news anchor in Florida captured hilarious footage of a camel dancing in the back of a moving truck this week. In the video recorded by News 6 anchor Matt Austin, a camel named Sir Gus is seen shaking his head out of the back of a van driving down State Road 408 in Orlando, Florida.

Austin says he and his wife Tricia were driving with their daughters Addison, Lulu and Sawyer to church around 11 a.m. on Sunday when commotion broke out in the car over the strange sight. "It was just sheer pandemonium in here for a moment as we were driving by a petting zoo on the highway,” Austin recalls. “It was very cute.”

The camel is a mascot for the Bahia Shriners and was likely on his way to a meet and greet.

Source: WKMG News 6