McD's Giving Away a La-Z-Boy Couch

Close-Up Of Burger Against White Background

Close-Up Of Burger Against White Background

If you’re a happy homebody who doesn’t like to leave the house because it’s too “peopley” out there, we feel you. And so does McDonald’s because they’ve teamed up with La-Z-Boy for a sweepstakes and want to show that “going out is overrated.” They’re giving one lucky winner a one-of-a-kind “McDelivery Couch” that comes equipped with everything you’ll need for a night in.

La-Z-Boy’s slogan is “Live Life Comfortably,” so you already know the couch is designed for max relaxation, but it also comes with amenities you never knew you needed like light-up cup holders, adjustable seats, built-in phone chargers - for food ordering purposes, naturally - and even McFlurry Chillers. Those are the coolers built-in to the center console and they’re designed to keep your McFlurry at an ideal 33-degrees.

Does this sound like the perfect addition to your home? Then hop on Twitter and tell Mickey D’s the menu item you want to enjoy while lounging on your new couch. Make sure to tag #McDeliverySweepstakes, @UberEats, and @McDonalds and enter now through April 8th.

Source: Delish