How Couples Tend To Waste Their Money

If you’re wondering where the money you and your boo make is going, it’s time to check your spending habits.

Money flies out of wallets fast and when you need it most, you want to make sure there’s a little left. Couples, it turns out, have a high risk of over spending their hard earned cash. After pooling your money with the one you love, sit down and go over how you spend it.

Here are some ways couple’s overspend, so check yourself.

  • Going overboard with gifts. Remember: keep it simple.
  • Moving to a bigger apartment.
  • Spending money with friends.
  • Having a date night with the works.
  • Signing up for subscriptions. They add up.
  • Ordering takeout. Curb it, but don’t stop.
  • Overdoing the grocery buying.
  • Signing up for credit cards. Don’t open that pandora’s box.

Source: Bustle