RANKED: The Top Fast Food Chains in America

What's your fast food favorite restaurant? Where do you think it would be on the list of America's Best Fast Food Restaurants?

According to the website guiltyeats.com, they compiled a list of the 50 best Fast Food places in the country. To save you times...here are their top 5:

#5 - Wendy's

#4 - McDonald's

#3 - Starbucks

#2 - Arby's

#1 - Taco Bell

What do you think? I TOTALLY disagree - as I am NOT a fan of Taco Bell OR Arby's at all!!! But that's what makes these lists great, right? Check out THIS LINK to see their full lists and reasons behind the ranking, and to see where YOUR favorite is!

Starbucks Suffering From Supply Shortages, Runs Short On Some Ingredients And Supplies

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Taco Bell Struggles With Ingredients Shortage Due To Supply Transport Issues

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