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Pop Culture Weekly 18 - Rock God Monte Pittman talks Madonna, Star Wars

In episode 18 of Pop Culture Weekly, Kyle McMahon is joined by rock god Monte Pittman to discuss his incredible career. From moving to California to teach guitar lessons to writing and working with Madonna, his solo work and his work with Adam Lambert, they cover it all.

Additionally the two discuss Star Wars, the Halloween franchise, Friday the 13th and much more! Then, Kyle interviews Rob Stout and Peter Hoops regarding the 30th anniversary of Dead Poet's Society.

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02:04 Rock God, Monte Pittman!

02:38 Monte Pittman Played His First Gig at 14

04:24 Monte Moved to L.A. & Worked At Guitar Center

06:21 Monte Taught Madonna How To Play Guitar

08:00 Monte Pittman Talks Madonna's American Life Album

10:00 Monte Pittman Talks Touring With Madonna

12:06 Madonna's new song Medellín with Maluma & Produced by Mirwais

14:37 Monte's Style Evolution

16:08 Adam Lambert fronted Monte's Band

19:01 Then Monte Played Guitar For Adam Lambert

19:20 Pain Love & Destiny

19:35 The Power of Three

20:26 Monte Signs With Metal Blade Records

20:50 Inverted Grasp of Balance

21:33 Between The Space & Better or Worse

23:52 Monte Puts On A SHOW!

27:40 The Monte Pittman Signature Guitar

32:43 Music Makes The People Come Together

33:52 Monte's New Music Video for Changing Of The Guard

40:14 Monte Pittman Talks the State of Horror Today

45:42 The Rob Zombie Halloween Movies

47:45 Motley Crue's biopic movie The Dirt

48:38 Motley Crue covered Madonna's Like A Virgin

50:53 Kyle Is Waiting for the *N Sync Biopic Movie

53:04 Star Wars: Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker

56:19 The Mandalorian

01:02:45 Monte's Theory on Star Wars Music

01:10:00 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

01:12:43 Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Dead Poets Society

01:13:01 Rob Stout & Peter Hoops Interview

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