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Funko POP Moments: It Chapter 2 collection & Stephen King Reveal

Kyle McMahon has incredible fun with the reveal of Funko's IT Chapter Two Funko POPs and Funko POP Town hands on for Pop Culture Weekly!

I have a brand new segment of Pop Culture Weekly that I am so excited about I just can't even stand it. You know I am obsessed with Funko and their amazing line of fun collectibles and you know my studio is full of them. Well now, I will be featuring some upcoming Funko products (like Funko POP's) for Funko Pop Culture Moments right on Pop Culture Weekly! I'm also doing unboxing video reveals over on Rumbl!

The first Funko POP Culture Moment is all about the upcoming IT Chapter Two line from Funko. This includes numerous Funko POP's and a Funko POP Town that is really, er, killer!

One of the more recent lines of Funko POP! is the Funko POP! Town line which features a POP as well as an accompanying building or set piece of some kind. For the IT Chapter Two line, there is Funko POP! Town #10 - Demonic Pennywise & Funhouse and it is amazing. The Funhouse is an amazing recreation of the funhouse in IT Chapter Two down to the Derry town festival poster by the entrance. This is an amazingly cool piece for any horror fan.

Click to play Rumbl Video on IT Chapter Two Funko POPs

The rest of the line is equally sweet. Shopkeeper (#874) is a special treat for those serious IT Chapter Two fans because as we know, it's really Stephen King himself. Eagle eyed fans know that King himself had a cameo as the Shopkeeper in the film and Funko did some awesome fan service with this one.

Pennywise with Glow Bug (#876) is another cool POP! in the line and is a Gamestop exclusive. Pennywise without Makeup (#877) is a really cool and unique addition to the line. Obviously, it is a creepy throwback to one of the seminal moments in the IT movie series.

Stephen King (#44) is a Barnes & Noble elusive and features the master of horror himself with a bloodied head, an axe in one hand and a book in the other. This is an awesome POP! that really personifies Stephen King!

Once again, Funko has nailed it for the fans! You can pre-order your IT Chapter Two Funko's at Amazon or wherever you get your Funko POP!'s (except for the two exclusives, obviously)! You can hear all about the Funko POP! IT Chapter Two line in Funko POP Culture Moment on this episode of Pop Culture Weekly.

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