Delaware Business Leaders Team With Christiana Care For COVID-19 Drive

Delaware Now: Kyle McMahon talks to ChristianaCare's Kristen Raber and Delaware business leaders Richard Piendak and Dave Tiberi about their donation drive to bring supplies to the people on the first line at Delaware hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic.

Richard Piendak and Dave Tiberi are no strangers to community. Through their businesses, they have been a part of the Delaware community for decades, helping in various philanthropic events and fundraisers. With the coronavirus pandemic, Richard was recently riding his bike when he had the idea that he wanted to help. While ChristianaCare is not lacking in personal protective equipment (PPE), this virus can spike quickly and they need to be prepared. Piendak wanted to make sure that Delaware hospitals were ahead of the curve. He called Tiberi, his long time friend, and asked if he was in.

The two men contacted Delaware senator Nicole Poore (District 12), who facilitated the conversation with ChristianaCare. Their efforts culminated in a multi-day donation drive where people and businesses bring supplies for those on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic at Delaware hospitals. Thousands of PPE's poured in from N95 masks to gloves to Clorox wipes.

This weekend, the two take their volunteer team, along with ChristianaCare staff on the road hitting Westown Movies in Middletown and Xbo's in Smyrna. To donate, you won't even need to get out of your car. You'll leave your donations in your trunk, and the team will safely unload the supplies. It is just that easy...and in these days of social!

I interviewed Piendak and Tiberi along with Kristen Raber, a ChristianaCare corporate director, about this incredible event. You can see where they'll be at their brand new website You can watch the video above or listen to it on the latest episode of Delaware Now. Along with this incredible story, I interview infectious disease specialist Colonel Michael Lewis, MD on how to manage stress during a pandemic; Additionally I talk with Alex Zlatin about how to retain and engage with customers during the coronavirus epidemic. Listen here.

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