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Therapy Wired's Dr. Silberman Talks Mental Health During The Pandemic

Therapy Wired's Dr. Silberman Talks Mental Health During The Pandemic to Kyle McMahon with Delaware Now

For arguably the first time ever, most of us around the world are going through most of the same exact feelings at the same exact time. It's a new world for us. We aren't supposed to leave the house. We have to isolate from many of our friends, family and other loved ones. We're working from home. We're wearing masks if we have to venture out in public for a doctors appointment or a grocery run. Many have been laid off, many have passed or gotten sick and the stock market has crashed. It is a scary time for all of us. So keeping tabs on our own mental health is more important now then it ever has been before.

I spoke with Therapy Wired founder Dr. Allen Silberman for Delaware Now about the coronavirus pandemic and our mental health status. Therapy Wired gives access to therapy completely through your computer or tablet from the comfort of your own home. Incredibly, they are offering a "Pay What You Can" promotion through April, to help people navigate through these choppy waters. As we know, 65% of people who attend therapy felt symptomatic relief within one to seven sessions with that number rising to 85% by one year. The benefits are real and they are significant, so the Therapy Wired offer is an incredible opportunity for people to get relief from some of the anxiety and confusion they may be feeling.

Therapy Wired's Dr. Silberman Gives Tips on Managing Mental Health Through the Pandemic

In my conversation with Dr. Silberman, which ranged from how Therapy Wired is revolutionizing therapy to how being a former pilot has helped him as a therapist, he gave some incredible tips on managing your mental health through the coronavirus pandemic.

Be Informed But Don't Watch News Obsessively - Dr. Silberman, a self admitted news junkie, says its understandable, and helpful to be knowledgeable about the quick changing situation in our society today, but don't obsessively watch the news or check for updates. Dr. Silberman also says we should stick to listening to the medical experts, not politicians or political commentators. He says, “Listen to the experts. If you’re dealing with reliable data you can have reliable emotional decisions and you don’t feel as trapped.”

Watch Your Self Talk - Be careful what words you say not just to others but to yourself. Dr. Silberman states, “The words that we use to ourselves….influence our emotions. Our emotions influence our behavior.”

Make a Schedule for Each Day - Keep a schedule for yourself during the coronavirus quarantine. Wake up at the same time each day. Go for your walk at the same time each day. "Having a schedule, particularly during stressful times creates a feeling of security”, Dr. Silberman says.

You can get the rest of the amazing tips for your mental health during the pandemic in my interview with Dr. Silberman in the video above or on this episode of Delaware Now. Book your session or get more information at

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