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Funko Hosts Virtual Wonder Con To Give You Your Fix

Kyle McMahon has got your information on Funko hosting the WonderCon Virtual Con to give you your fix during the coronavirus quarantine.

Obviously I love Funko and literally all the products they release. I cover them regularly and buy their products all the time. They've got a really cool event happening completely online called the Funko WonderCon Virtual Convention that will help give you your Funko fix all in the comfort of your own home. WonderCon is an annual convention in Anaheim California that offers a ton of incredible comic book, horror, science fiction and pop culture products, vendors and more! Unfortunately, this years WonderCon was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But Funko isn't ever going to let us down.

Enter: Funko WonderCon Virtual Con 2020

Beginning Friday, the Funko Shop will release their WonderCon exclusives available for purchase and they've got some incredible ones. I know I'll be picking up the Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy Funko Soda products (now we just need a Boo Berry, Funko!)

Check out the gallery of all 11 Funko WonderCon exclusives!

Theres's so many awesome Funko exclusives including the aforementioned Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brut Funko Soda and you know I'll have to get multiple ones because I"ll want both the commons and the chases. There's also that sweet Star Wars Bobba Fett Funko POP, the awesome Cheshire Cat Disney Funko POP and so much more!

You know where I'll be bright and early tomorrow (it's quarantine, I've been sleeping in so it will be early for me, leave me alone). Hit me up and let me know what you get from Funko Shop!

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