Actor David H Lawrence XVII Creates Free Course For Teachers To Learn Zoom

Actor David H. Lawrence XVII Created a Free Course For Teachers To Learn Zoom, Skype and other teleconferencing video platforms.

You've probably seen David H. Lawrence XVII in one of your favorite shows or movies. It may have been on Lost or on Heroes or maybe you've listened to him on his nationally syndicated talk show, The David Lawrence Show. But he's not here to talk about that today. David's love of technology and his love for our teachers spurred his idea to help them through the coronavirus pandemic.

As he spoke with teacher friends and hear the stories in the news of so many of our nations educators having not been trained on distance learning, he wanted to help. So, Lawrence XVII created an online course, Teach Your Course Online, that shows them everything they'll need to know to create an engaging, safe online education.

Lawrence XVII covers everything from choosing the right equipment (that you probably already have), to setting up lighting, creating a great online classroom culture, tips for Facebook live and so much more. Generously, Lawrence is allowing teachers to sign up for free through the end of the month. Once you've signed up, you have access to the course forever, with free updates included.

If you're not a teacher, but you love or support one, Lawrence XVII's #3ForTeachers campaign gives a heartfelt letter explaining the importance of teachers, especially today, and how you can help them by simply sharing the information on the Teach Your Course Online class.

Check out my interview with David H. Lawrence XVII above. For more information or to enroll in the course for free, visit To help support our friends in education, visit #3ForTeachers.

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