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Funko To Release Edward Scissorhands Line of Funko POPs

FUNKO to release Edward Scissorhands line of FUNKO POPs for Funkoween halfway to Halloween celebration!

FUNKO has announced a brand new line of Edward Scissorhands FUNKO POPs as part of their FUNKOween halfway to Halloween celebration. The line includes 5 FUNKO POPs and a FUNKO POP Deluxe featuring various Edward Scissorhands figures and Kim Boggs.

In case you live under a rock, Edward Scissorhands is the classic 1990 movie from Tim Burton about a man (Johnny Depp) who has scissors for hands and is taken in by a suburban family as he falls in love with their daughter (Winona Rider). The film is a beautifully filmed, comically dark movie that became both a critic favorite and a box office success.

The incredible people at FUNKO are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Edward Scissorhands with an announcement from the FUNKOween halfway to Halloween event this week. 7 years after their first Edward Scissorhands FUNKO POP, FUNKO announced 3 common figures, 2 retailer exclusives and a FUNKO POP Deluxe figure.

The three common Edward Scissorhands FUNKO POP figures include the classic Edward Scissorhands look with the black leather outfit. The second common is the Edward In Dress Clothes, which was a comical and memorable scene in the film. The third common is Kim Boggs in White Dress, who is the object of Edwards affection. The FUNKO POP Deluxe, Edward Scissorhands & Dino Hedge, is probably the most iconic scene from the film, which makes it a really dope treat from FUNKO to Edward Scissorhands fans.

The two retailer exclusives will be, as usual, a bit harder to find, so make sure you put in your pre-order now. The first retailer exclusive is from BAM! (Books A Million), Edward Scissorhands with Purple Face. This funny moment in the film showed Peg, the AVON lady who "found" him, fixing up Edward, using lavender which gives him a purple face. The final POP, Edward with Kirigami, is a Walmart exclusive and shows Edward with a paper decoration he made using his hands.

The entire Edward Scissorhands FUNKO POP line will be released in August, just in time to get you in the mood for Halloween, the best day of the year. (Don't at me). As always, you can subscribe to my show Pop Culture Weekly for all the latest in movies, TV, music, streaming and FUNKO!

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